Welcome to Sammamish Now


The Sammamish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors along with business owners, individuals and residents are presenting this platform to fill a void.

Sammamish needs an accessible forum where citizens can find factual information updated regularly about issues, events and developments that can affect the character and livability of this community.

Our aim is to provide accurate information, accounts and background on local business, transportation, growth, political and related issues. We want to promote understanding and discussion.

We are interested in the success and future of Sammamish.

In the years since voters approved incorporation, Sammamish has made significant progress in defining and undertaking how to grow responsibly. People have worked together to address how to provide and encourage services, choices and amenities that can help sustain and enhance Sammamish’s unique attributes and desirability as one of the best places anywhere to live.

We don’t want to see progress stalled. Our community is at its best when people discuss issues civilly and work cooperatively, free from negativity, factionalism and recrimination.

We encourage you to review what’s presented here. Provide ideas and feedback. Share with family, friends and colleagues. And check back often for updates and additional items of interest.